Friday, November 20, 2009

Phoblog #5 - Beautiful Fridays

It was the most beautiful sunset today. I couldn't resist walking up to the water, but I had to stop behind a tree. The sight was just too much. Everything was just the perfect shade of brown, my perfect shade of brown, and the brightest golden yellow. The sun wasn't just a disk in the sky; it was taking up the whole of my line of view, and it was radiating a quiet calm. I basked hungrily on every single ray. My heart felt light, and I smiled.

I was expecting something quite unpleasant, but quite unavoidable at work today. A bit after lunch, I was tagged by our HR officer. She quietly came up to me, without the usual fuss that she does when she bears good news, or just wanted to inform the GTs behind me about something that definitely does not concern me (and get a bit of play while doing so). I caught her at the corner of my eye, at the end of our aisle. She looked somber, serious. I thought to myself, "This is it."

She came up to me, touched me lightly on the shoulder. She was whispering, so I had to remove my earplug to hear what I was dreading to hear. "Bago ka umuwi, daanan mo ako, ha?" I grit my teeth. But I was ready.

At the end of my shift, I had to stay by the sink in the rest room for a while. I needed to brace myself. I came to her cubicle, where she was making a call. She still looked somber. She knew the business at hand, and there was nothing to smile about what she had to say. She took a few leaves of printed paper, no doubt bearing my name, my sentence, and the names of those who brought the mallet down. I cannot blame them though. It is by my own aversion to anything rigid that led me to this situation. There was nothing I can do than to take it, and take it hard.

"This is not a termination."
"Come again?", I thought. Holy crap. I must have misheard it. The "not" sounds highly dubious. Come on think, did she really say it?

"Wow. That's a surprise. What sort of strings did you pull to pull this off?" I sat down as gently as I can, but my knees went weak. I was looking at the paper in front of me, but I barely read anything. All I know is that it listed every single one of my transgressions without fail, and it was quite appropriately headed, "Last Ultimatum", CC'd and BCC'd to my bosses. Usually, I'd joke about how redundant "Last" and "Ultimatum" sounded (they both mean the same--the end of my stressful but relatively comfortable career), but mad respects to the woman who wrote it, so I will refrain from doing so. Plus, she was my guardian angel today, so I have to be extra nice to her from now on. :)

Suffice to say I got through that gnarly business. She was somber no longer.


It was the most beautiful sunset today.
I closed my eyes, and basked on the glow.
I smiled.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Phoblog #4 - Random

After a long break, here's another one for me to read about when I've nothing to do but waste time online...

<--------- Group pic from a recent reunion outing with my sis and her batch-mates. Awesome awesome time there.

Funny how the world blurs and shifts. Raw and unedited.

This photo reminds me of my goals--unreachable so far. I liked the shadows on this one. Made with a yellow balloon with lamplight behind.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Phoblog #3

Here's something I wrote not too far off. It's kinda supposed to be a love letter of sorts, albeit in semi-script format, haha.

This is now, thankfully, in order of viewing, top to bottom. Not that anyone other than me is viewing this, haha.

As you can see, lotsa scratched words there. Didn't sound good, I guess.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cinemanila 2009

awright! i'm really liking the current line-up, and i've already got picks on the dates i can and on the times i can go, hehe.

so, here's how i figure i should go.

October 17, saturday, i should be at market market by 7pm, head to cinema 7 for "Mammoth", starring Gael Garcia Bernal and Michelle Williams, no less. wii. if i can't make it then, then i have to be there on monday, october 18 before 3:15pm, cinema 7. just after lunch, which should be perfect for me.

after that, (assuming it's that short) there's "69 1/2", which is sort of a porn/comedy/musical from what i've read so far, so it should be nothing short of fun fun fun, haha. it starts at 4:30pm though, cinema 6, market market. i might have to miss out on this one if Mammoth is long. tsk.

i shouldn't skip sunday though, "Ang Beerhouse" also looks interesting, and Gwen Garci's in it (albeit her curves aren't very flattering anymore, haha. love her though!). black comedy/satire... hmm, sounds grrreat. :P

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Leaving Zedge...

...and this is the only thing i'm taking with me. i don't have much memory of that place, but i used to. i guess when i decided i'd let go, my good old brain gave a quiet nod and went to the back racks where i keep my memories, rummaged for the boxes named "Zedge" and "twistum" and "pazzesco_belo" and "tuesday" and "twiggy015" and "yuemin" and "myketchup" and everybody thing else tagged red, then gave them a quiet once over before tossing it to the flames. somewhere in my brain, neurons that were put on hold to keep the memories are being put out, one by one. that part will probably go dim, but never fully out. i'll keep some, if only just to say, once, we collided, if but a while. too bad most of them i'm destined to miss, and never fully hit.

i guess i'm the one that always gets hit.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Just when i thought fate was being kind to me for letting me see that one stranger again...

so, super pacute ako kahit hindi naman. all throughout the ride, i was looking at her, and i'd catch her glancing my way, and i' d pretend i just chanced to look her way, then i'd sneak a smile, thinking "woot! woot!", tapos bumaba pa ako sa babaan ng LRT, tapos sinundan ko sya, tapos i said "um, miss?", then i said, "um, hi. can i get your..." tapos she looked at me, tapos she walked even faster, tapos i continued ever so softly, "...number?"

i think i might've even just sort of reached out for her, the way they do in the movies, just ever so slightly holding out my hand, look of dejection on my face, watching her disappear into the throng crossing the street...

haha. ampathetic amp.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Phoblog 02

here's a longer one, written out of boredom. i'm thinking of putting up some more, but i need to be creative. brain juice, where are you? does it have to be all cobwebs up there?

start reading from the bottom please, haha. i didn't know it'd turn out FILO.

Phoblog 01

test drive.
ooh, i like the font. :)
i guess this'll be my sort of new home. here's to getting comfy
*breaks wine glass somewhere between justify and numbering*

Monday, August 24, 2009

sense de facto sa nonwhatso.

haha. haha. (getting accustomed to the menus and fonts and... omg. huge fonts. rawr)

okay, first off, i made an account here in eBlogger for one and only one reason--so i can keep track of miss Klitorika and her awesome awesome blogs (rawr).

with that said, let's get on with it! har har.