Friday, October 9, 2009


Just when i thought fate was being kind to me for letting me see that one stranger again...

so, super pacute ako kahit hindi naman. all throughout the ride, i was looking at her, and i'd catch her glancing my way, and i' d pretend i just chanced to look her way, then i'd sneak a smile, thinking "woot! woot!", tapos bumaba pa ako sa babaan ng LRT, tapos sinundan ko sya, tapos i said "um, miss?", then i said, "um, hi. can i get your..." tapos she looked at me, tapos she walked even faster, tapos i continued ever so softly, "...number?"

i think i might've even just sort of reached out for her, the way they do in the movies, just ever so slightly holding out my hand, look of dejection on my face, watching her disappear into the throng crossing the street...

haha. ampathetic amp.

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