Saturday, October 10, 2009

Leaving Zedge...

...and this is the only thing i'm taking with me. i don't have much memory of that place, but i used to. i guess when i decided i'd let go, my good old brain gave a quiet nod and went to the back racks where i keep my memories, rummaged for the boxes named "Zedge" and "twistum" and "pazzesco_belo" and "tuesday" and "twiggy015" and "yuemin" and "myketchup" and everybody thing else tagged red, then gave them a quiet once over before tossing it to the flames. somewhere in my brain, neurons that were put on hold to keep the memories are being put out, one by one. that part will probably go dim, but never fully out. i'll keep some, if only just to say, once, we collided, if but a while. too bad most of them i'm destined to miss, and never fully hit.

i guess i'm the one that always gets hit.

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